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Tortoises, snails and oysters.. These are the living creatures of nature, which take their homes with them wherever they go. We, as human beings, have always desired the same.


Now is the right time to meet CARPENTO, offering you a very special design and a production quality, for you to carry the comfort, function and aesthetics of your very own home wherever you go.

The creator of the brand CARPENTO and the designer of the caravans, Faruk Nurcan, was born in İstanbul, in 1966. He was successfully graduated from Mimar Sinan Faculty of Fine Arts, Department of Industrial Design, in 1987. He’s carried out numerous projects in furniture decoration for more than 30 years.

Love of nature and travelling are the greatest motivations of this Project. On the other hand, witnessing the camp life in a Europe trip of 8000 km, while travelling by his own car, in 7 countries and 55 cities has led to the idea of caravan design and production, with a stronger belief. After 2 years of research and 1 year of product development; here comes to existence, the brand CARPENTO and Model 310.

With it’s authentic, aesthetic, ergonomic designs, 30 years of production experience and a high quality conception, CARPENTO is ready to be a part of your best memories…


Spacious Interior


Convenient Storage Spaces


Panoramic Windows


Thanks to its lightness, it can be towed by any car